Monday, 15 December 2008

Don’t be a Wally Use a Trolley

A sign went up in my office recently which made me laugh. Probably a bit more than it should have…

It read ‘Don’t be a Wally Use a Trolley’ and as you’ll see from the picture above, it features a man, let’s call him Man A, who is quite sensibly using a trolley to transport some goods.

Man A is looking disdainfully at another man, or rather a wally, who has neglected to use a trolley and has hurt his back.

Quite why Man A didn’t offer shared use of his trolley, and just stood by as the wally injured himself is not clear. From the look on his face he knew this was going to happen.

I think there is a lot more going on in this poster than we’ll ever know.

Anyway, thinking that it may be part of a series I googled it, and wasn’t disappointed.

There is also the similarly catchy, ‘Don’t be a mug, Check Your Plug’, the vaguely threatening ‘Gloves or Dermatitis, it’s a Simple Decision’ (it is?) and the straight and to the point ‘Oi Keep Your Ear Muffs On!’

I don’t know why, but these posters had me laughing to myself all afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

I think celebs should enter too. For example, where would George Michaels exhibit his Charlie?