Friday, 8 May 2009

The Big Questions

Rest assured, the photo choice will become clear by the end of this blog...

So, just a quick one for the benefit of anyone who was planning to forego their Sunday morning lie-in on my account.

The Big Questions team have changed the show topic I was booked for.

Yes, again.

So I won’t be on.

They’re hoping to cover the topic of religion and humour at a later date. It’s just a case of waiting for a topical pretext.

They thought it was World Laughter Day this weekend, which would have provided a neat hook to hang the topic from. But it was actually last week.

So until something to do with religion and humour happens in the news, I’m on hold.

Right, well in an effort to brighten up this purely administrative blog, I’ll just finish with this.

The other day I found an old clipping I had kept from the Daily Mail...

(I should stress at this point – I don’t buy the Daily Mail. I pick up a copy if I see one left on the train. And as I commute from Surrey there are plenty to be found)

...It was from the ‘Yes or No’ section that they have at the bottom of the letters page, where letters coming at a subject from opposite sides are put next to each other.

The debate of the day was about a squirrel that had got itself caught in a bird feeder.

They cover all the best stories...

And the title of the debate was – ‘Was it right to release the fat squirrel?’

Now do you see why I read it? It’s amazing!

Anyway, Mrs G Jones led the ‘Yes’ side of the debate arguing that the squirrel was "lovely" and the whole situation was "like a Beatrix Potter story come to life"

I don’t remember the one about the fat trapped squirrel...

And Mr B Scotting led the ‘No’ side of the debate arguing that when it comes to squirrels we should "bag them and dispatch them by delivering a blow with a blunt instrument to the back of the head"

A considerably harder line...

Aside from the obvious comedy value, I think that I ultimately kept the clipping because it perfectly sums up the two types of Daily Mail you tend to get.

Those who are quaintly naïve, and those who are pure evil.

Have a good weekend...


Anonymous said...

Is that the picture the Daily Mail had published? Or a self-taken photograph? In other words, is the squirrel in the photo now dead or alive?

Christina Martin said...

It's from google image search. Unfortunately they didn't publish a picture to accompany the story...