Monday, 13 July 2009

Dogs in Hats

It’s been an expensive week.

I’ve paid out a £799 mortgage arrangement fee, a £192 valuation fee and £330 to a mechanic to replace my starter motor.

It blew on Friday night and left us standing around for over an hour, just yards from the curry house we were on our way over to.

We managed to have our curry in the end though, by push starting the car up the road.

Hunger; it can move mountains.

Anyway, with all these thoughts of money (and how I am haemorrhaging it) it occurred to me that I should share my credit crunch busting top tip with you.

I do this whenever I need an extra 25-30 quid here and there. Accordingly, I will be doing it like mad over the next few days.

Simply send an email to the letters pages of Take a Break, Chat, Woman's Own, Pick Me Up, all of those kind of magazines, attaching a picture of a dog with a hat on, accompanied by a short sentence along the lines of "Look at my dog – he's wearing a hat"

If they print it – which they will; they love that sh*t – then they will send you £25-£30.

You can find a limitless supply of dogs in hats at

This method of raising extra cash also works with pictures of people drunk on holiday, out on a hen night, or wearing fancy dress.

I’ve done this at least 12 times. If I do it a million more times, I could retire off the back of it.

Oh, and finally, the third instalment of my MENCAP blog has been uploaded to the families section of the website.

Over and out...

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Lou said...

Thanks Christina, although after buying a dog, and a hat, I am £55 down.