Friday, 7 August 2009

Twaddle Continued & Bible Games

In yesterday’s blog I talked about the weird and wonderful world of Pick Me Up.

Incidentally, they are now following me on Twitter as a result.

Anyway, Brian posted a comment which made me realise I had neglected to address one of the best parts of the magazine – the letters page.

The Pick Me Up letters page oscillates wildly between the mundane and the insane.

Guess which category this falls into (click on the picture to maximise):

(Thanks Brian – well spotted!)

And here’s your typical mundane letter:

“Look at us, we’re wearing mad glasses!”

Do you see now? Do you see how right I was in my blog about Dogs in Hats?

Changing the subject completely, I have recently discovered a really funny gamer called The Angry Video Game Nerd who reviews video games in the form of short films.

And I wanted to share his review of Bible video games with you.

Watch out for the bit on Bible Buffet a game which “Despite being called Bible Buffet, has no internal technical references to the Bible, Christianity, or religion in general. The object of the game is to get rid of the food that tries to kill you”


Another funny moment is when the nerd is playing Super 3D Noah’s Ark.

This was the only SNES game not be officially sanctioned by Nintendo.

The people who made the game bypassed the SNES lockout chip by designing their cartridge like a game genie.

A bit cheeky, and not very Christian. Get a license like everyone else!

Anyway, the hilarious thing about Super 3D Noah’s Ark is that it’s a direct replica of Wolfenstein.

If you have ever played Wolfenstein you’ll get the joke already.

If you haven’t, the Wikipedia description will shed some light: “Instead of killing Nazi soldiers in a castle, the player takes the part of Noah, wandering the ark throwing fruit and grain at stray animals in order to pacify them”

Just watch the clip, trust me.

Also, be sure to check out his review of arguably the worst game ever, ever, ever made - Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties.

You won't believe your eyes.


SPIMMY said...

Pick me Up - bloody hell.

I am desperate - desperate! - to find out the story behind the headline 'My Marriage Proposal Ended in Bloodshed', which they are currently using to peddle the mag on some of the more obscure satellite channels.

As an acknowledged expert, can you cast any light on this issue? SPIM

Christina Martin said...

I'm not familiar, and can't find any evidence of that story on their site.

Whilst I was looking I found this though:

SPIMMY said...

I have never used this ghastly acronym before, and I promise I never will again, but I have just genuinely LOL'd

That is fantastic.

john said...

She ends the story by saying she is happy with her potentially explosive chest but hasn't visited Morrisons since.

I think Morrisons may be taking an unfairly large portion of the blame here.