Monday, 1 March 2010

"I have to be honest...that baby looks black"

The title of today's Jeremy Kyle Show was 'Boyfriend, another man might be the father of my baby'

Nothing unusual in that.

Or is there? I'll be returning to the show title later.

Basically, this woman:

...And this man:

...went on the Jeremy Kyle Show, to have a DNA test to establish whether or not this was his baby:

Because incredibly, there was some doubt.

Jeremy was uncharacteristically patient with the woman, who was at one point avoiding admitting she had cheated by claiming that she was born that colour too.

And miraculously turned pasty white in her later years. Like Michael Jackson before her.

Anyway, I think Jeremy's calm demeanour was just a result of him being caught off guard. And who can blame him, when this was the situation he was presiding over:

But he did treat himself to a very funny line before he read out the DNA results: "I have to be honest...that baby looks black."

And what do you know? The DNA test results revealed that the gentleman in question...

...wasn't the child's biological father.

Jeremy didn't even bother with the mandatory dramatic pause.

Now, in light of what we have learned, let's return to the show title.

'Boyfriend, another man might be the father of my baby'




Catie Wilkins said...

That is brilliant! Truly brilliant! How is life this way? Also I particularly like the way you set it out on your blog with the photos. Hilarity maximised. Awesome. And well done that Jeremy Kyle. Another coop.

Christina Martin said...


I'm still laughing at might.


Guy said...

It does seem weird but I know a girl who looks totally Caucasian but her mum is very clearly of African descent. And another woman whose parents are Caucasian but somehow she came out looking rather African (great granpa's genes apparently). So it *can* happen...