Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Stress and Depression

This is going to be one of my short and relatively lazy ‘something I saw that amused me’ type blogs.

Last night I was walking through China Town with a couple of friends when we saw this picture in a herbal medicine shop window:

Tony Blair...

All the other pictures in their window display were stock photos, a la the one with the guy on the phone.

And then, Tony Blair...

I’m not sure if they were sending him up - “Depressed because everyone keeps calling you a war criminal? Pop in!”

But whatever. It made me laugh.

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Catie Wilkins said...

They should do them for all the party leaders. Bit of fun. Maybe even get Kerry Katona or Tiger Woods invloved. Who wouldn't want to start popping the same herbal stress pills as famous yet mainly disapproved of celebrities....?