Saturday, 10 July 2010

Things I saw this week

As per the title, this blog is about things I saw this week.

Unfortunately for you, I didn't see anything exciting or interesting this week, but I'm not one to let that hold me back. So here goes.

Firstly I saw this advertised on TV:

Ideal for those people who are worried about getting germs on their hands in the nano-second it takes to dispense soap and wash them straight off again.

Then, when I was at work, I saw a Best Friends Forever mug shoved to the back of the cupboard in the communal mug pool.

I've been using it, totally unchallenged, all week.

I'm taking it that friendship didn't work out...

Then I came across a website for a magazine with a title that's sitting up and begging to be said in a sarcastic and exasperated voice:

I'm sure there's an 'effing' missing from in between 'your' and 'wedding'.

I'd buy that magazine. I think there's a gap in the market for wedding magazines aimed at people who hate weddings.

It could have features on ways to amuse yourself during the ceremony, handy tips for hiding your boredom, and breathing exercises to control your irritation at this woeful waste of half of your precious weekend.

Another thing I spotted this week, is that Lord Byron is now the editor of our local property paper:

And if that wasn't enough of a surprise, I also saw this scoop, which seems to identify Bruce Forsyth as one of Raoul Moat's accomplices:

Shame on you Brucie, shame on you.

And that, you'll be glad to learn, is the end of my blog.

As you were.


Catie Wilkins said...

I am not glad to know it is the end of the blog. That was delightful. Each one a gem. I second your wedding magazine idea!

Christina Martin said...

Well I'm glad someone enjoyed it!

This blog has gotten more and more niche. I talk about literally nothing (the ghost I didn't see being a good example)