Monday, 30 August 2010

If you happened to be watching Channel 4 at 7:55pm yesterday (and providing you didn't blink) then you may have seen me on is a series of short - very short - films about 'religion and...'

This week it was 'religion and comedy'

Throughout the week there were films featuring various comedians - Tim Vine, Omid Djalili, Stephen K Amos, Shazia Mirza, Andy Kind and Josh Howie - all discussing how they feel about religious humour and talking about how religion affects their comedy.

I was billed as a controversial humanist, which surprised me a little. During the preliminary interview, when they asked me if I thought anything was off limits in comedy, I sat on the fence and said no - to a point.

My stance is that all subjects should potentially be up for discussion, but if you want to tackle sensitive subjects, you had better have a good reason and be able to justify what you are saying.

I said as much during filming. However, they cut off the end of my answer and I finished up being quoted as simply saying 'nothing is off limits in comedy'.

To be fair, the slot is only 2 minutes and they needed to edit 30 minutes of footage right down, but I wanted to contextualise that quote, as I don't want to look like a hypocrite, given my previous rants on this subject:

Anyway, that aside, I like my film, I had fun shooting it and am glad I came out of comedy retirement to do it.


Catie Wilkins said...

You come across brilliantly! nought to explain xx

Christina Martin said...

Thanking you kindly! xx