Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Cat Bin Woman

So, what about that cat bin woman eh? Putting a cat in a bin like that.

She should be punished. But how?

Let's ask the public. That's never a bad idea. Sorry, I meant always. That's always a bad idea. Observe:

“Place her in the same bin, with the same cat, for 15 hours"

They are so incensed about the cat having been put in the bin, that they have, in their angry rage, inadvertently suggested putting the cat back in the bin.

…with its aggressor.

They'll have to go in the bin too at this rate.

The second best suggestion for vigilante justice was:

“I'd happily rub cat poo in her face for this crime against humanity”

I wonder if the courts would allow that.

Just one quibble. Cats don't count as 'humanity'. That should be 'catmanity' which isn't even a word, so. Yeah.


Catie Wilkins said...

I love the insane cat woman would be punishers... we should pitch this as some kind of court TV...

Christina Martin said...

Yeah - most imaginative punishment is the one doled out by the court.

There is a parallel universe somwhere, where this is already happening...