Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Obnoxious blog

Check it out:

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Numero uno baby! Number one. Top of the tree. 206,000 hits and climbing. Gaze upon me in wonder, you oiks.

...What? You were warned in the blog title.

Ok, enough of that (sort of) faux obnoxiousness. Speaking of New Humanist, please have a read of this: http://newhumanist.org.uk/promotion

They are currently spending out more than they are making and they need subscribers.

If you subscribe you get a set of God Trumps - for free! Pass it on, ok?



MM1970 said...

Well done! :)

Hoagy23 said...

Jesus. I wish we had that in Canada. Wanna review my ebook, "How to Talk to Your New Age Relative"? It's on Amazon (search Hoagy Wilson). Funny but also with practical tips for humanists!