Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The 30th November Strikes & Schadenfreude

My other half was off work ill for just over a month recently (not a trifling illness – properly bed ridden and in agony)

He’s public sector, so accordingly he was humanely accommodated, permitted to work from home, and was ultimately seen by occupational health to make sure he was ok to come back.

Around this time a friend of mine who works in the financial sector said to me “Huh, if I was off ill for that long, I’d just get sacked”

But they didn’t say it as a lament or a complaint; no, they said it with real pride.

That same weird, misplaced pride I’ve been witnessing all day in conversations and on Twitter whenever the topic of the 30th November strikes comes up.

I find it very odd that some private sector workers seem to almost revel in how apparently shit their pay and pension is.

“I work in a slurry pit, for no money, 23 hours a day, without a lunch break, my boss hits me with a mallet, whilst Agadoo plays on a constant loop, and I have to do it in just my pants...but do I complain? NO!” fucking should!

That kind of attitude is exactly what allows Cameron and Co to keep you in your box and continue to lower the bar for all of us, on what is starting to feel like a daily basis.

Whilst the strikes today are primarily about public sector pensions and pay, they are also about fair pensions for all.

This should not be a race to the bottom.

Cheerleading for someone else to lose the possibility of a comfortable old age, just because you have too, that makes no sense, and won’t change your situation.

Aspire to better things for yourself.

The taxpayer has already paid once to bail out the banks who caused this financial crisis. Now public sector workers are being made to pay twice, with their pay and their pensions (which are completely sustainable

Cracking down on corporate tax evasion and taxing the super rich seems a much better way of getting the economy on track.

Employing an economist as Chancellor rather than an Eton boy without a Maths A-Level would also help.

I’m not public sector by the way, I work in the third sector and have also worked in both the private and the public sectors.