Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Revolution Will be Meme-ified.

There's always been a lot to hate about Facebook.

People constantly posting kiddie pics, dinner snaps, homespun philosophy, telling you why they are 'feeling blessed'

But the most tedious aspect of logging on these days, is the ever present weak political meme delivered to your wall courtesy of someone who has liked or shared it.

By political meme I of course mean, Corbyn meme, which are very prolific because his broad simplistic statements play well in a short format.

They are generated by various Facebook groups. Usually with highly ambitious names like 'Jeremy Corbyn Will be Prime Minister' or 'Jeremy Corbyn Leads Us to 2020 Victory'

This morning's meme came courtesy of 'We Support Jeremy Corbyn' which actually has a Meme of the Week feature. True politics in action there.

But it's not just the sixth-former-who-just-discovered-socialism tone of these memes that annoys, like this one for example...

...rather it's the hypocrisy of this barrage of constant ineffectual preaching (to the choir of course, given the group names) whilst more important matters are more or less ignored in the din.

There was absolute uproar today about Cameron's suit jibe. Links to articles, soapbox posts where people did mini speeches about the state of politics. They were ruddy bloody furious.

Zero noise about the ESA cuts that were voted through this week though. Not a peep from these self proclaimed politicos. Who through their love of Corbyn position themselves as people who are supposed to care about this kind of thing. Social justice and all that.

A £30 a week reduction in money for the sick and disabled. A move that the Lords actually turned back for reconsideration so it must have been bad yeah? Pushed back through by 27 votes.

In addition to not reacting to this news, nobody gave a fuck in the run up either. Too busy posting about heckling during the EU debate. Always with the big issues. Someone being rude to daddy, sorry Jeremy. Freudian slip.

I posted a last ditch Mencap e-action on Facebook in the days leading up to the vote, asking people to get their MP to attend. Votes were crucial.

One like. One.

That e-action could have actually achieved real change. It could have tipped the balance.

And now people who are too ill to work face poverty.

But the rage is all reserved for Cameron saying Jeremy had a shit suit.

Yes, that's poor form, but he called Ed Miliband Gromit remember? That was pretty low. But it's not new. It's pathetic to be sure, but it's not new.

Disraeli was slamming Gladstone from across the benches back in the 1800s. Saying it would be best if he fell in the Thames and drowned. Poor old Gladstone never got any supportive memes.

I don't remember anyone giving much of a shit about MP heckling and rudeness before. It's seemingly just because it's Jeremy.

He's a big boy. Stop seeking to protect him like he's a wounded kitten or a disabled child and start trying to protect some actual disabled children instead. Take an interest in politics, not Corbyn, politics. Write to your MP, take actions, keep an eye on debates, attend a few. Or just make a meme and share it with your like minded friends and then all agree that you agree with each other.

Here's my contribution to the genre, enjoy:


smogo said...

But that's why the Tories' "dead cat" tricks unfortunately work: Corbyn was making a point during PMQs about the government's conflict with junior doctors, and Cameron, aware that he couldn't win that argument, just went "shit suit, shit suit!", knowing that that would be all anyone talked about.

Very depressing.

Christina Martin said...

Cameron can argue Corbyn down with ease. He does it every week at PMQs. I take no pleasure in that but it’s a fact.
Corbyn asks a basic question six times and Cameron gets to repeat his slick standard lines, with ease, six times.
He always ends up coming out on top because he has his stats ready and his stats tell the story he wants told.
Jeremy keeps getting lauded for saying “you haven’t answered my question” when he has. As far as it’s possible for a politician to so do.
Cam momentarily lost his temper because someone mentioned his mother.
Not a ‘trick’ at all, it irked him and made him briefly show his true colours.
He did this all the time with Ed who had a knack for getting under his skin. Nobody went off on one then. But then Ed held his own and spoke with authority back so it was all just part of the cut and thrust.
Cam doesn’t dictate our response either. If people want to let a point about junior doctors go to the wall and do a meme of Jeremy saying the PM has expensive suits then they create this void themselves.
My whole point is – focus.
And it sounds like we kind of agree albeit from different angles.
It’s trivial, it’s a distraction.

And memes are annoying.