Friday, 28 May 2010

Thank you!

Just a quick blog to say that my JustGiving page has now closed, and in total we raised £1205 for the Canterbury Oast Trust.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated!

Your money will help learning disabed adults to lead a safe and fulfilling life:

Friday, 14 May 2010

Good week / Good week

It's been a good week (well, in my world - perhaps not so much if you follow politics)

First of all, you may remember that recently I was appealing for votes for The Specials - a terrific online docu-soap about five young adults with learning difficulties. It’s as entertaining as it is touching and if you haven’t watched it yet you’re missing out.

Well, a big thank you to everyone who voted. And guess what - they bagged two Webbys and are off to the awards show in New York!

Here they are finding out the good news:

Then, just when I thought that would be the best thing I’d see all week, a few days later, I received an email from Isla's mum Emma, attaching pictures of the new Kinder packaging:

How adorable is that? (The answer to that rhetorical question is ‘very’)

Again, a massive thank you to everyone who voted for Isla to be the face of Kinder.

It’s so refreshing to see a disabled person in a prominent position and a positive light, but also, crucially in a non-tokenistic or patronising way.

When people see that picture, the fact that Isla has Down’s Syndrome will be secondary to the fact that she is a beautiful, photogenic, happy child.

At the same time, her Down’s Syndrome is not brushed over, but clearly mentioned; it’s concurrently massively important and not important at all.

For instance. Back when women starting presenting sport I had a friend who complained about it, saying it was political correctness, just box ticking and quota filling.

But the ultimate aim of placing people who were heretofore not included in that area of life - when there is no real reason why they shouldn’t be, except for tired old prejudices - is to get to a point where people don’t even notice that it’s a woman presenting the sport, or a disabled child on a sweet box.

The end game is for it to be as much of a non-event as seeing a white male presenting the news.

Isla and The Specials both get disability into the mainstream, and show that disabled people are fundamentally no different to the rest of us. They are not this ‘other’ who are to be pitied, looked down upon, mocked, or hidden away. And this message is conferred in a fun, non preachy, entirely positive way. Win – Win.

So here’s to more Isla’s and more shows like The Specials. Then perhaps we’ll have a society that is more accepting, and much richer.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Day Blog

So here it is, my election day blog.

I don’t have much to say about the election though unfortunately, so let’s talk about the ‘Pick Me Up’ Top Tip pages.

‘Pick Me Up’ beats ‘Viz’ by a country mile when it comes to Top Tips – because ‘Pick Me Up’ readers aren’t even joking.

Bearing that in mind, here are a choice few that I wanted to share with you:

Click on the picture to maximise

A tip there, for people whose cats hate them.

Despite what she says, the cat still looks like it ‘minds’. Check out that death stare.

Now this one is just plan sinister.

Click on the picture to maximise

Disembodied monkey heads...

Surely it would have been easier, and considerably less insane, to just ask your brats to stop swinging the light cord?

I don’t know what to say about this next one.

Click on the picture to maximise

Um, yeah.

And finally, some understated tragedy

Click on the picture to maximise

The heady combination of (a) someone needing to steal sauce (b) keeping it in an ‘old pencil case’ and (c) using it on bingo hall pies – well, I just want to cry for them.

I suppose I should say one thing about the election – especially given my current location; my office is above Tory HQ. The horror!

I live in an area where the Conservatives always come in first, followed by UKIP. Yes UKIP. That’s Surrey for you.

But nevertheless, I will be venturing out later to cast my pointless, wasted vote.

Venturing out, on foot, to cast my pointless, wasted vote – thanks to some jackass who parked their car across the front of my garage last night and are still there today.

Still, it has to be done. Imagine not even trying to prevent George Osborne from becoming a Chancellor!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Stress and Depression

This is going to be one of my short and relatively lazy ‘something I saw that amused me’ type blogs.

Last night I was walking through China Town with a couple of friends when we saw this picture in a herbal medicine shop window:

Tony Blair...

All the other pictures in their window display were stock photos, a la the one with the guy on the phone.

And then, Tony Blair...

I’m not sure if they were sending him up - “Depressed because everyone keeps calling you a war criminal? Pop in!”

But whatever. It made me laugh.