Thursday, 21 April 2011

You Bet!

Yes, this is a blog about the 90's game show 'You Bet'.

I know there's not much call for that type of thing these days, but I saw the worst 'bet' attempt in the history of the show on Challenge the other day and it had to be recorded for posterity.

A strange old man set himself the (very easy, considering he set it himself) challenge of identifying accents, and then failed about 25 seconds in. Observe:

The blindfold goes on, the challenge begins:

The representative for Italy returns to the line-up after he passes on the Italian accent:

He correctly identifies the American accent. Arguably the most recognisable of all the accents:

But alas, he uses up his second and final fail by identifying the Dutch accent as....Indian:

He can't believe it:

And is slightly embarrassed, as he should be:

Matthew Kelly doesn't really know what to say:

And so the challenge ends, 25 seconds after beginning, with a whimper:

And poor old Andrew O'Connor of Chain Letters fame ended up having to do the forfeit on next week's show for betting that the old man would be successful.

Yes, I'd forgotten about Andrew O'Connor too.

The end.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

A bargain at £50

What's this? A second Peter Simon blog on the bounce? I'm afraid so.

It had to be done though, given that last night he sold the ugliest item that Bid TV has ever presented. Yes, worse than the cockeral.

And here it is, a limited edition (thank goodness) toby jug:

A bargain at £50.