Friday, 10 February 2012

Sapporo Snow Festival 2012

I wouldn't usually take a ten hour train ride to a city experiencing sub-zero conditions, but I made an exception this week to go to the Sapporo Snow Festival.

It was more than worth it. Not least because the hotel had a massage chair in the room. But mostly because it was an amazing spectacle. Here's some pictures:

A Japanese castle

An underwater scene

Underwater scene at night

Mickey Mouse

Characters from Japanese cartoon 'One Piece'

The Taj Mahal

My favourite kawaii character, Rilakkuma

A games controller

Mario Kart


A monkey

A dragon being carved

A crashing wave being carved

Peacock ice sculpture

Bear ice sculpture

Fish frozen in ice

Suntory Whiskey ice bar

Sapporo Beer ice sculpture

'Illumination Road'

There was loads more too...

Whilst in Sapporo I was reading about the snow and ensuing travel chaos back in the UK. Now, given that I was somewhere you kept seeing bikes in this condition...

...and that I'd got there without any delays, even though this was the view out of the train window most of the way...

...well, 'embarrassing' comes to mind!

I particularly liked this from my local paper:
(click on the picture to maximise)

Attention. Only make essential journeys. There has been a 'smattering' of snow.

The horror.