Sunday, 17 April 2016

Jeremy Kyle Out of Context

Back in 2011 I noticed that Jeremy Kyle often spoke about his guest's problems and foibles very passionately in the first person, so that it sounded like he was speaking as himself.

Being the childish and childless person that I am, I had the requisite immaturity and acres of time required to watch the show as often as I could and record these clips.

After a while I had a handsome collection, so I started a Tumblr.

(My natural response to finding an amusing pattern or opportunity for a repetitious joke - see also Bullseye Contestants, Who Is Henry Kelly, Tweet of the Week, The Things We Leave Behind - Richard Herring once called my assortment of Tumblrs "life-wasting, but brilliant" which is basically what I want for my epitaph)

The Jeremy Kyle Out of Context Tumblr was a good format for this silliness but whilst the clips were amusing when listed, I kept thinking that they would work much better as one big back to back compilation.

And so, in 2016, 4 years after starting this nonsense, I sat down in front of YouTube Editor and spliced them. The result was everything I ever dreamed it would be. I give you, the Jeremy Kyle Out of Context Mega Mix: