Saturday, 27 December 2008

Chris De Burgh

So I hope you all had a nice Christmas.

I got the greatest present ever: Another answer from Chris De Burgh in the Ask Chris section of his website.

Thanks baby Jesus.

December 27, 2008
Christina Martin (28) from London, UK:
Chris, I hope you are well. My question is, do you ever serenade your wife? Or do you draw a line between your job of singer songwriter and your home? I suppose I am also asking because I'd love to be serenaded with one of your songs, they are brilliant!
Chris de Burgh:
What a lovely question! I am sure if I had the opportunity to serenade you, I would love to do that. But as far as my wife is concerned, I kind of tend to wander around the house sometimes with a guitar on, or if there is a melody that I am working on in another room on the piano, it does drift around. So by the time I have made a record, my family have often heard quite a lot of the melodies that have been created. But I don’t necessarily sit down with them and play them my new song, because I am quite sure they would all start laughing or something. Possibly not laughing, but I think the best place to hear them is either from a record when the song is completed or live, because quite often when you are just composing a song, there is an awful lot more that has to be changed and added or even reduced from the original piece of music.


John said...

Great work. All the best for Xmas and new year.
John Scott.

Catie Wilkins said...

Chris De Burgh would 'love' to serenade you!
He's an adulterer as well as a defacer of art!
Happy New Year!