Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Fun with Popes

Just a quick blog to tell you about my new 'Which Pope are You?' quiz over at New Humanist.

It's like my 'Which Paul Daniels are You?' quiz (buried somewhere at the bottom of this blog entry), but less geared towards one magician and more geared towards, well Popes.

That's all for now. I'll do a proper blog when I have the time.

I am currently sitting on some great snaps of Peter Simon hosting Bid TV which rival the ones I took of Paul Ross last week. Hard to believe I know.

Stay tuned...


Nick said...

Re 7B, frankly, I'm surprised this pope thought he could get away with plagiarising the erudite Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologus. What is the world coming to when even popes cheat on their exams?

Re 6A, why would you be standing at an orgy? Serving the drinks, perhaps?

RedFerret said...


My result;

You are a giddy combo of the weirder Popes, Stephen VI, Benedict XVI and St Peter..

Weird AND giddy.