Friday, 17 July 2009

God and the Hoff

A blasphemous blog title I know.

After all, most people would argue that the Hoff is God, and that implying otherwise by referring to the existence of other deities, particularly on David’s birthday – Hoffmas Day – is heretical.

But don’t fret, because where this blog is concerned, for ‘God’ you can read ‘God related stuff’.

There is no God besides Hasselhoff.

More of him later...

Now, in the spirit of being slightly less vague and rambling, I’ll actually tell you what that ‘God related stuff’ is.

The editor of New Humanist – Caspar Melville – and I, are going to be recording an interview tomorrow evening about God Trumps.

The interview will be airing on the Sunday programme, on Radio 4 at 7:10am this Sunday (funnily enough, given the programme title).

If, like me, you can’t contemplate getting up that early on a weekend, then you will be able to listen again here.

Since they were made into a playable pack recently, feedback on the God Trumps from media types has been good.

Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow said: “God trumps are marvellous, an absolute coup. They are positively iconic."

And Alok Jha, The Guardian science correspondent, said "They're the best things I've EVER seen!"

Hurrah! Now back to Hasselhoff.

My friend Layla has a friend who knows him.

This in itself is pretty good.

But better still, Layla has two tickets for Hoff’s birthday bash in London tonight, and one of them had my name on it.

I say had because unfortunately I have two gigs tonight and I didn’t feel right blowing them out.

Not even for the Hoff. What a sacrifice.

I am undoubtedly the Jesus to his God.


Cubik's Rube said...

I'm trying to come up with some gags about the Hoff as God and you being Jesus. But the only things my brain seems to want to give me right now are inappropriately salacious puns about eating you, or apocalyptic battle scenarios between the Hoff and other divine entities like Stephen Fry. And that just gets needlessly homoerotic.

My God Trumps are also marvellous, by the way. Maybe not quite the best things I've EVER seen, because I did once see a Scottish terrier puppy trying to lick some cake off its own nose and making itself sneeze, but they're pretty darn good.

Keeno said...

better believe there is no God apart from The Hoff!!

I made a little film to prove that fact!

Hope you enjoy, and have a top weekend!