Friday, 4 June 2010

Going once, going twice

A quick blog to let you know that there's an exhibition and charity auction of Martin Rowson's work being held at the Menier Gallery from the 8-12 June.

One of the things up for grabs is all of the original artwork for my God Trumps:

So if you want to get hold of it, pop along to the event.

I'd quite like it myself, but am not in a position to flash that much cash. So if any rich benefactors are reading this...

I'm pretty sure that plea will work. Lots of eccentric millionaires read this blog.

And finally, a favour please.

Please vote for the Beacon Hill Film Project in this year’s National Lottery Awards 2010.

You don’t need to register, or even enter your name or email address, you just enter the ‘captcha’ text.

The project gave disabled people the chance to be creative, and gain skills, It would be great if they got recognised.

As a reward for your kindness, here is a link to the funniest thing I have seen all year:

Evil Simon Cowell wouldn't let me embed it, but it's worth venturing over to YouTube for.


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