Sunday, 18 July 2010

Geek Heaven!

James's parents are getting their loft insulated - what a corking opening line to a blog that is - and during the clear out, we hit the mother load: A massive haul of James's 1980s Amstrad magazines.

We've been going through them all evening and here are some of the best bits.

A super cool 1980s kid:

Turbocharge your CPC...if you dare! Indeed:

A retro racing game as played by a man called Alan:

An Alan Sugar cake:

And an Alan Sugar game!:

A glimpse of the future:

Some of the excellent titles available - Knight Rider, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Daley Thompson's Super Test:

More Daley Thompson action:

And some Geoff Capes action too, grr:


Back when Tetris was new:

What a cool dude. With his ghetto blaster and walkman:

So, um, yeah:

My absolute favourite - 'Can you handle this much power?' Vroom, pow, blat, zap!:

Future Knight!:

Some fun code for you to enter:

And finally, arguably the worst game other than Mike Reid's Computer Pop Quiz:

Makes me wonder if James and I will be sitting around laughing at our back catalogue of Edge magazines in 20 years time. When first person shooters will look like pong, and we'll all definitely look like this. Definitely:


Catie Wilkins said...

Aw gawd! I love it! 'zap' and 'pow' and all. I miss those heady days.
This wont be the last time I say this, I expect. But I wish you were still doing stand up.
I want to see your hour long show about these, complete with projector screen to demonstrate them!

Christina Martin said...

Simpler times!...

Cheers, appreciated :)