Friday, 28 October 2011


As promised in my last blog, here is that scan of Christinamartinbocks from this month’s issue.

Correction alert. I actually got the star letter twice.

I tweeted the lads jokingly about this, and inadvertently kicked off a third round:


In other news, the Bullseye Tumblr continues to get tweeted and mentioned, with Holy Moly giving it a plug this week.

I’ve also been in contact with and have agreed to start writing for them about bad, obscure TV. Watch this space.

And Ben Goldacre tweeted one of the videos from my YouTube channel last night. It got 300 views within a few minutes of being posted.

A high profile person tweeting your stuff would usually be a wonderful thing but as Ben’s followers are typically sceptics it was being pitched at slightly the wrong crowd.

The video was of Jade Goody’s mum explaining ghosts and the afterlife.

It ended up getting four thumbs down, the most thumbs down I have ever had for anything. Not because my clips are amazingly awesome, but because they are just plain silly and therefore hard to actively dislike.

Those people were obviously rating the veracity of what was being said, rather than just appreciating how weird the clip was.

Sometimes sceptics can be a tad humourless (not all of you, before you write in – I've done many stand-up gigs to exclusively humanist and sceptic audiences – lovely bunch in general) but some of them ironically make scepticism their religion and can just end up constantly concerning themselves with things not being factual or scientific, over and above things just being delightfully ridiculous.

And finally, my friend sent me a video in the week which I thought was absolutely wonderful and I wanted to share.

Please watch it to the end. It has a really simple and beautiful message:

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