Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Peter Simon Says

James has already given me one of my Christmas presents.

Now, before you all rush to judgement, consider this. Could you sit on a gift this good for a whole month?...

We're talking Peter Simon's book, 'Peter Simon Says':

It's signed:

...You get an insight into his life:

...You get a style guide (remember when people used to say 'crucial'?):

...You get...whatever this is:

...And finally, my favourite - Peter's Poll. Wherein we learn that racism is only slightly worse than going in lifts:

A mischievous friend of mine photo shopped my picture and put Peter Sutcliffe's face over Peter Simon's:

It puts a new spin on reading the list, eh?

So that's one Christmas wish come true. Care to help me with another one?

If you do one web search through this charity search page, it will raise money for the disability charity which supports my brother: www.everyclick.com/canterburyoasttrust

I'd love to get them up to £2000 by Christmas.

It's free and takes seconds. Pretty please!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe this is a thing.