Wednesday, 23 September 2009


What is it about Sudoku and hyperbole?


Killer Sudoku

Fiendish Sudoku

Extreme Sudoku

Dangerous Sudoku

No other type of puzzle is this overhyped.


And how?

Whatever way you look at it, this is as exciting as it’s going to get:

Actually I tell a lie. There’s ‘Sudoku for Sailors’

Yes really.

And I quote: “This is the second in our new range of Sudoku gift books. Others in the line include Sudoku for Bird Lovers, Sudoku for Horse Lovers, Sudoku for Dancers, with many more planned. Send us a request!”

Right, I’m off to pitch all kinds of inappropriate Sudoku spin off books to them. Well, they did ask.

Ta ta!


dave lambert said...

How about sudoko for masochists. It's a book full of sudokus.

dave lambert said...

Or sudoku for sadists. It's a book full of unsolvable sudokus. The perfect secret santa gift for the office jerk.

Maxamillian said...

How about 'Sudoku For People Who Think Sudoku Is A Waste Of Their Time'? It will not have any sudoku in it.

wombot said...

Sodoku for the Disaffected?

luce83 said...

Nothing to do with Sudoku, but thought you might like this website selling beautiful models of dogs' heads in shells.

Can't decide on a favourite. Maybe the Great Dane.

Christina Martin said...

Good sudoku pitches guys. I especially like Max's. That's my kind of sudoku book.

luce83 - that is both the best and the most disturbing website I've visited in a long time. Thank you!