Monday, 2 November 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...Paul Ross

Warning. This blog is very Paul Ross heavy.

So, that's the health and safety out the way. On with the blog.

Last week I spent 32 hours watching Most Haunted Live.

And it wasn't the huge waste of time that it might initially appear to be. For you see, this 32 hours of bogus ghost hunting was presented by none other than Paul Ross.

I always watch it for that very reason. He never disappoints.

Last year for example, he got called upon to do a lone vigil.

Here is the moment that his photo was selected by the 'ghost' (or production team to be precise) during a seance.

He then had to go to a morgue and lie in one of the drawers.

Now he was ok at first...

But after a while he started to panic...

In the end he ran out in a fright. Yvette asked him what had happened. His response? - "My hand was warm and I'm not wearing a glove"


Anyway, this year he outdid himself.

He got called to do a seance.

It started off fine.

But, oh dear, what's this. Is something coming through?

Paul turns to the team and announces that he is 'feeling sad'...

And he just keeps getting sadder...

And sadder...

And sadder...

And sadder still...

The emotion!

But wait, what's this now?

Apparently the audience have sensed a breeze, there's a ghost in the room!

This is terrifying.

Look into those eyes. Now you know fear.

I'll leave you with my favourite photo of the night. His scary look to camera.

He knows how to create an atmosphere.

Bet you wished you'd watched it now eh?

Right that's enough about Paul Ross. What I need you to do now, is go to my previous blog and vote for Isla, a little girl with Down's Syndrome, to be the Face of Kinder.

Please do this. It would be a great stride torwards more positive perceptions of disability.

Thanks in advance.


The Igloo Keeper... said...

Whenever I see Paul Ross I remember a joke from years ago:

"Paul Ross's answer phone just says 'I'll do it!."

Rizlam said...

I was replaced by Paul Ross on BBC Sussex. Fact

Christina Martin said...

The Igloo Keeper - LoL, as the kids say! Funny cos it's true.

Rizlam - What a claim to fame! Makes me wish I lived in Sussex...

Catie Wilkins said...

We've seen his scared vulnerable side now. I mean his acting. I'm so confused.
I just voted again for Isla though!

Alessa Mendes said...

Hi, I saw your blog through Ariane's blog list. I just wanted you to know that I voted for Isla! I think she's absolutely precious and, if it's all right with you, I'd like to refer people on my blog to yours so that others can vote.

Christina Martin said...

Catie - Acting is it. He sells the idea of ghosts just the same as he sells DVD boxsets Thursday nights on Bid. God bless him, he has no scruples...

Alessa - Hey, thanks for voting! And yes, of course, do pass it on. Every vote counts x

Anonymous said...

Paul ross should be beaten to death with ricky lakes used tampon!!

Paul Ross - A twat of the highest calibre!!!!

Christina Martin said...

Poor old Paul Ross, how can you say such things!